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H3 Based Cleaning - The new wave

As a result of COVID-19, we are becoming increasingly familiar with the idea of ​​a society where proper distance and strict hygiene guidelines are part of our daily life. If we want to pick up the thread again after this crisis, we will be forced to set up a 1.5 meter society. Consensus Group presents an intelligent way of cleaning that matches the new and necessary reality: H3 Based Cleaning.

From visible to invisible
In the current cleaning system the emphasis is on what we observe with the naked eye. Only clean what does not look clean, based on the perception of the building residents / users. However, times have now changed dramatically. The Corona pandemic reminds us that it is precisely the invisible elements, such as viruses, harmful bacteria and other invisible germs, which are a danger to employees and their environment. There is a phase that sets stricter requirements for the cleaning protocols and the checks on them. But how should we imagine this?

H3 Based cleaning
We want to strive for an H3 Based cleaning approach (hybrid hygiene and health based) with the emphasis on fixed protocols and work programs that ensure optimal microbiological cleaning quality in an optimal way. This proactive model uses a fixed protocol in which all critical contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized daily. Other cleaning activities are still carried out on the basis of a result-oriented approach in which optically clean is sufficient. So a hybrid model.

The spearheads of H3 Based cleaning are: hygiene, proactive sanitizing and for a number of cases disinfection. The goal is to create as unfriendly an environment as possible for harmful microbes and thus minimize cross-contamination from air, hands, and surfaces. Ultimately, we want to create environments that offer employees optimal protection in and around their workplaces.

Sanitizing reduces 99.9% of the most harmful micro-organisms in 30 seconds and reduces the risk of infections. This method is suitable for the reduction of microorganisms on surfaces that regularly come into contact with hands. After all, the micro-organisms transferred through this can lead to cross-contamination.

The new standard in cleaning
The new protocols of Consensus Group clearly describe the hygienic and risk-eliminating manner in which the cleaning of contact surfaces can be carried out in the most responsible way. The most recent innovation, the EnozoPro spray bottle, can also contribute significantly to this. The EnozoPro spray bottle offers a water-based alternative to almost all daily cleaning products.

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