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Waste Management

Consensus Group has waste management specialists who have earned their spurs in this industry for years and years. The goal today is from waste to raw material. Waste flows are carefully mapped in order to arrive at a transition process from waste to raw material. Besides the fact that dealing with waste in a sustainable way makes a significant contribution to the sustainability policy of companies, a transition from waste to raw materials also makes an enormous contribution to cost control. Raw materials generate money where waste is becoming increasingly expensive to dispose of.


The steps that are followed in such a process are the following:

• Which waste materials are released?
• Which waste materials can be collected separately on the basis of the 3G principle
(Raw materials, Convenience and Money)?
• How can this be facilitated and which collection resources do we need internally and externally for this?
• What role do facility service providers play in this collection process and how do we coordinate these activities?
• How do we involve residents in the collection process?
• What are the consequences for the waste collection at the rear?
• Which specialist is best equipped in the specific region to carry out this process at the rear?
• And what is the financial impact of the transition from waste to raw material?

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