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Tenders (EU)

Consensus Group and its subsidiaries Pro Facility Adviesbureau and Facility Specialists have years of experience in the advice, tendering and contract management of large and complex (EU) tender projects. Projects where the complexity is caused, among other things, by the many variables that influence the costs and quality of the cleaning activities. Complexity also because keeping the specifications data up-to-date is an often manual and time-consuming activity that is therefore often either not done (properly) or left to the cleaning organization. This often results in a gradual increase in costs. The research that Consensus has done in the market with its subsidiary Pro Facility and Ant Solutions has shown that this is the case with 8 out of 10 organizations.

It is also often unclear which agreements, at what cost and which quality to be delivered, are now included in the contract and what more and certainly less work is. This causes noise and irritation in the mutual relationship, while at the same time a lot of energy is lost from both parties to retrieve the correct data.

Ultimately, the goal is that in co-makership between client and supplier, all energy should be invested in achieving an optimal service to the final customer, the building residents or visitors, whereby efficiency can be increased through a proactive innovation and sustainability of services should be continuously improved.

In order to go through a good tendering process and to select the right partner, carefully following a well thought-out and meticulous process is key. We describe in detail which steps we go through in which sequential process to arrive at a good new cleaning contract with the associated Service Level Agreement (SLA) and included Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).



In summary, this includes the following components:

- Make an inventory of current financial and qualitative agreements and the associated contracts

- Inventory of space data, m2's and data in the field of numbers of equipment, collection resources, etc. for the specifications and calculation program

- Make an inventory of wishes and requirements with regard to the various types of services provided by the stakeholders, including review and analysis of complaints, perception surveys, quality reports and a number of interviews with stakeholders (residents, facility management, visitors, current suppliers)

- Drawing up the draft Program of Requirements (PoR) for the cleaning and hygiene services.

- Proposal for a concept SLA with associated KPIs and measurement methodologies

- Making a definitive specification and schedule of requirements with associated SLA and KPIs

- Sending of RFP with specifications and PoR to suppliers and possibly competing providers

- Explanation and question and answer round on RFP with suppliers

- Receive and assess offers from various suppliers

- Analysis and advice of the offers

- Drafting questions in response to the offers

- Explanation and negotiation round with suppliers in collaboration with the client

- Drafting agreement and contract formation

- Receive and review the implementation plan from the suppliers

- Establishment of our online contract management platform Ant Solutions with all data regarding the new agreements and training administrator (s) and users, clients and suppliers

- Guidance on start-up and implementation of new contract

- Tactical and strategic contract management in an “on going” process

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