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Quality Inspections

Consensus uses the ANT Solutions measurement system to carry out quality measurements. This measuring system is ISO 9001, NEN 2075 and EN 13549 certified and is therefore the only online cleaning quality measuring system certified in the Netherlands. Consensus Facility Services, its sister company Pro Facility Adviesbureau and Facility Specialists, as well as the software company for contract management in the cleaning industry ANT Solutions, fall under the Consensus Group. In this way knowledge, expertise and capacity can be shared and a total package of services and services to the customer can be guaranteed. ANT Solutions' measurement system is in line with the current result-oriented contract forms. It is only judged on the result and not on the action.

By using this measuring system, both the daily checks and the periodic checks can be carried out digitally using the same method. Data with regard to quality is consistently collected in this way. The reports can be used to monitor recorded KPIs and other management agreements.


In addition to using this measurement system, we can expand the quality controls with our H3 based micro biological measurement system, by using microbiological swap tests. With these tests we can test critical contact points, such as door handles, light buttons, etc. for the presence of microbes. Various microbes can survive on these surfaces for a longer period of time and, given the COVID-19 situation, require an extra critical look. By performing the microbiological swap tests, we can assess whether these points are cleaned correctly and with the correct means.

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