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Textile Management

Consensus has the answer to every question about corporate clothing! Because corporate clothing is often a way for many companies to distinguish themselves, it ensures the safety of your employees, hygiene in your production process or in your services. It is also often very sensitive within your company because it is very personal!


After all, your employees wear this every day. There are many aspects associated with the service around workwear, but it is also a service that can cause many questions, irritations and problems. And last but not least, it often involves a lot of money and can sometimes lead to unexpected “surprises”. In short, many questions when faced with the choice of purchasing corporate clothing or leasing or renting it again.

Questions like: What kind of clothes? For which industry? A work jacket with or without pants? Or rather overalls? What colors? What purpose do those colors have? Which fabric? Which material certainly not? What are the correct sizes? Storage bags or not? Buy or lease? How do I deal with staff changes or growth or shrinkage in my workforce? Do you work in an environment where safety and hygiene is extra important? What legal obligations do I have with regard to work clothing? How do you keep clothes clean? How do I ensure the right collection and does this style match our corporate image? And of course, how do I arrange the entire process?


From measurements, distribution, logistics to adjustments. Consensus has years of knowledge and experience in-house and knows the market of the various providers and clothing suppliers as well as of laundries and clothing rental companies, including all contractual peripheral matters such as residual value, acquisition costs, stock and all kinds of other small print that can sometimes be cheap. can make an expensive purchase or make a much shorter depreciation of a large investment with multi-year depreciation because the life span does not meet expectations at all. We make the inventory, draw up the specifications and the quotation request together and propose the parties who can do this in a good quality and who are suitable to carry out the job in a good quality way, without hassle. And importantly, we rule out fine print and annoying contract terms for you. Fortunately, no more worries, because at Consensus we ensure that everything is arranged for you in detail and that you get the services and products you pay for and are entitled to. We are happy to make a quick scan for you to see where you can make a profit with your corporate clothing?

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